Low Counts and a Cold

Ava has had a cough and cold for a while and she didn’t look well the other day. So call it mothers instinct but I was right that Ava’s counts are very low.  I took her to the clinic yesterday afternoon and her ANC was only 200, and WBC 0.97, RBC 3.0 and platlets 196. She didnt need any blood transfusions but the doctors have told us she is on a chemo hold until next week so that her little body can fight off this nasty cold and that her ANC can rise. So that means no 6MP pills, and no Methotrexate pills for the rest of this weekend and next week. I will have to take Ava back to the clinic on Monday Dec 2 for another CBC and they will tell me then if she can start up her meds again and what the new dosage will be.  This will all depend on what her blood counts are.  Since her ANC is so low she is very neutropenic and can catch infections and colds very easily, so this means no school or play dates or fun stuff and isolation at home. :(. The medicine seems to be working as her cough already sounds better now we just need her ANC to rise. The last time Ava was on a chemo hold was Sept 4 2012, so she has been taking numerous chemo meds everyday since then. Thankfully Ava can skype with her school and attend it virtually.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. 118 days left of treatment.

2 thoughts on “Low Counts and a Cold

  1. I’m thinking of you, as always. I know I am not physically near, but you and Ava are constantly in my thoughts. I hope she feels better soon, and Supermom, please take care of yourself as well. Happy Thanksgiving early! From Kara and the boys–Chris, Alex and Brad

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